Why you don’t need to worry about those ‘bad things’.

We all feel that life is like a roller coaster at times, with its wonderful ups and the dreaded downs. But without those moments of contrast, we wouldn’t be able to grow into the person we are.

Once upon a time I believed that happiness was living in a bubble of joy, where no bad stuff would happen again. No money worries, no dishonest friends, a wonderful job and exciting experiences would only be part of my new journey.

But when negative moments still surfaced in my life, I despaired at my inability to remove all bad vibrations from my daily experiences. One day, I realised I had to learn not to worry about the bad stuff, and to discern how it was assisting me in becoming a better person.

Freeing myself from an abusive past felt very brave. I finally had the courage to choose a new path; I believed I was on the way to pure bliss, to a life filled with daily calm and happiness.

When life put some more hurdles in my way, my desperation took over me, once again.

I asked myself why walking through the gates of freedom did not propel me to a place of peace, love and joy forever.

But Life knows best. The Universe knows best.

Making the first move towards change is claiming something very powerful: I am now prepared to change my life – I am now prepared to make different choices and take back my power.

And so, the work begins. Seeing the contrast as ‘bad stuff’, and desperately avoiding it, only interferes with the blessings sent our way.

Think of an athlete who wants to compete in the Olympics. He has a magnificent vision of himself, of his achievements and joy.

He works hard every day and reaches a comfortable level. Life is wonderful there, as he trains regularly, all seems to be on track.

In order to reach his vision, however, he needs to aim higher. If his coach didn’t stretch his ability, he would not reach his full potential. So, the coach introduces harder exercises, each day pushing him towards his goal.

The purpose is to strengthen him and improve his performance, not to break him.

How does contrast help us?

1. Life gives us contrast to show our strength and to grow. Challenges encourage us to learn and get through situations, to show us a different course of action.

Dealing with challenges will make you feel alive, striving to achieve more patience, more understanding, more happiness.

2. Living through the contrast allows us to fathom more clearly what we want and do not want. Living through a bad job, a bad relationship or negative conditions will enlighten us more as far as our life preferences.

Confronting a contrast helps us express and visualise in a more definite way what we desire instead.

3. At times of contrast we allow people to help us, to encourage us and support us. We bless others indirectly, through their acts of love and kindness. We might even welcome new people into our lives, through these difficult experiences. Those people might bring positive opportunities that we receive with more gratitude.

4. And contrast allows us to appreciate and be grateful for the treasures we already have. Without contrast we forget sometimes how blessed we are, how far we have travelled and how much we have learnt. At times, we might take for granted the blessings in our lives.

Contrast are opportunities to grow, to become more appreciative and strengthen your faith.

Use your lows to catapult you higher each time. Higher into more peace, more loving relationships, more happiness, more understanding and wisdom, more knowledge, more patience.

Ask yourself what this contrast is teaching you. What are you learning right now?

I used to be so scared of the contrast. I would cry, panic, feel sad, lonely. Yet, I never allowed those moments to paralyse me completely, no matter how terrified I felt.

Instead, I learnt to accept them for what they were: opportunities to grow, to become more appreciative and to strengthen my faith and belief that the Universe always looks out for me.

It is at those times of contrast that I met remarkable people and grand opportunities poured to me.

The child in me still reacts for a short time to the contrast with fear and insecurities, but my faith in who I am now, this powerful energy in this world, who is able to attract amazing help, soon takes over and my life is flowing again, having learnt more on my journey.

When you learn to accept the ‘bad stuff’ with love, and understand that everything that happens can be turned into your Highest Good, then you stop fighting it and you flow downstream.

Take courage in how much you are growing. Challenges and contrast can make you stronger, more resourceful, more appreciative.

Affirm and feel the positive emotion: ‘I relax and open my mind to the solutions. I meditate and allow the Universe to show me and guide me. I am always spiritually guided and protected. I trust in my power to receive clarity and love.’

Eva xox