Hey, it’s me,


‘Do not allow the conditions under which you were born

dictate and rule who you are.’

Eva Ruiz

Author, Speaker, Researcher, Certified NLP Life coach, but above all, I do everything through LOVE and I believe that what’s important in life is the connections, the relationships we create, not just with others but the one with Ourself.

Working on the relationship with myself SAVED my life, literally!

And I believe that when you heal yourself, you heal others; when you love yourself, you love others. Work on the relationship with yourself, and the relationships with others will be transformed.

My mission is to help You create the best relationship with yourself, because once you reconnect with the love within, you can reconnect with your dreams, your goals, your happiness, your joy for an exciting life.

Relationships are everything in this life. We are all connected, wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever we’re with.

I help you understand who you truly are, the essence of Love, what you most want in life, how to work with your emotions, how to value yourself, love yourself, accept your uniqueness. How to stand up to others who may want you to comply to their own rules or ways. I help you understand that you belong where you want to, that the storms in life are to be used to your advantage. I help you live so that you do not look back wishing for what you could have done, but so that you focus on the possibilities that could be yours.

Because once you feel the best about yourself, you start creating wonderful loving relationships with others. We tend to think that we know all about ourself and how to relate to others: parents, siblings, our children, family, friends, colleagues… and when things don’t seem to go right, we’re not too sure why. Is it them who don’t understand me? Is it society’s fault for not being more supportive? Is it my culture? Is it this world?

Believe me, you can go round and round trying to find answers outside of you, but all the answers are in You already.

I can help you get the best relationship with yourself and others

If you want to know more, read below ‘My Story’ and how I transformed my own life from depression and self-harming to self-loving, and how I created the life I always wanted, through working on the relationship with myself and others.

Eva xox

Some of what I believe and live my life by:

  • You are the essence of Love.
  • Love starts with You.
  • When you love yourself, you love the world.
  • Create in Love, not ego.
  • You cannot be to others what you cannot be to yourself.
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • Meditation is aligning with Source – meditate each day, consciously.
  • Give thanks each day to the Universe for all your blessings.
  • Relationships are everything.
  • Contrast is not something you have to fear. It’s something you learn from and then eventually, your inner peace will align you with more of that joyous and peaceful vibration than with contrast.
  • Have faith and trust, for you are the creator of your own reality.
  • I believe we are all free to be ourself, and that is Love. The only thing that keeps us in chains is ego.

My Story

The transformation

It is never too early or too late to be Free to Be You!

If you think life is not what you expected, that you’re too old to live the life you had always desired for yourself, or that you’ve started life not being able to be yourself, and everything seems sad, dark and confusing, then you have come to the right place!
If you are here, you have so much to live for, so many loving relationships to create and build, but the most important one to start with is the relationship with Yourself.
I was just over thirty and most of what I had longed for seemed to be just a dream that will now never come true! In deep depression, trying to hang on to this life for the sake of my children, I found myself in one of the darkest places in my life.
I knew I had to do something, I had to get out of that place to be the mum my children deserved, and to be the woman I knew I was deep inside. I had to Be Free to Be Myself!!

How could I be to my children what I couldn’t be to myself?

I had managed to create a life that reflected the beliefs and the truths I had forged for myself. Beliefs and truths that were born out of childhood experiences and were still manifesting unwanted events and depressing feelings.
You see, I began self-harming at the age of 17 and tried to commit suicide a few times that year. The depression was a dark and lonely place, and all I could do was escape home.
I went to England two years later, where I thought I would find myself, I would finally be Free to Be Me. But those beliefs and truths do not stay behind, they follow you wherever you go! And so they were my demons, my shadows, no matter where I went they tormented me.
I attracted all the people and situations that proved those beliefs about myself: I wasn’t good enough!
If you believe something enough, you will find the evidence around you!
After years of living with people who matched that energy, since their own was full of insecurities and so they took it out on me, I finally decided to escape that and set myself free. I chose a life on my own with my 3 young children.
How could I teach my children to love themselves and follow their dreams, when I couldn’t even do that for myself?
I started my healing and started living my dreams. It is then that I realised that the first relationship I had to work on was the relationship with myself. I discovered that loving yourself had nothing to do with being self-absorbed or narcissism, as I had wrongly believed.
I discovered that self-love was essential in order to live a happy and fulfilled life!

The relationship you have with others starts with the relationship you have with you!

I thought I was going to my healing teacher to learn how to have better relationships, how to create a better life for myself and my children.
Instead, I learnt that everything starts with Loving Yourself…! I had no idea what it meant. To me it had been about being arrogant, self-absorbed and a narcissist, the very people I was trying to escape from because they had hurt me so much. I wasn’t going to become one of them!!
But to my great surprise and my salvation, I trusted my healing teacher who showed me what loving yourself, or self-love, truly meant.
Working on the relationship with myself, starting loving myself, truly SAVED my life. Through such difficult times, especially financially, and with my 3 young children, I was trying desperately to survive each day. If it hadn’t been for my 3 children, I might not be here to tell the story, but slowly, learning to reconnect with the love within me, learning to accept myself, to look in the mirror and actually have a loving relationship with myself, got me out of depression and suicidal thoughts.
Loving myself truly and literally saved my life. And I am so happy to be here today, helping others.
I was able to show my children that they had to create the best relationship with themselves, in order to have wonderful relationships with others and to create the life they wanted.
This is the base of my teachings, my work, my writings. And I want to help YOU connect with that wonderful divine love that you are within yourself.