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It’s not always easy to know where to go to get help, or inspiration. When I was at my lowest I didn’t know where to go, except for therapy. And even that can be an awful experience. You really need to find the right one for you. I did, eventually! But what also helped me, away from those sessions, was reading and learning new ways, new perspectives. I was so eager to know more, when I realised that what we have learnt is not the whole truth, and that we can change those beliefs that do not serve us.

It was wonderful to learn about new ways of thinking, of doing. I was encouraged to really Be Me, to know me, to reconnect with my inner being.

I had known that inner being for ever, or may I say my Higher Self, and that is the Universe, God, Source. I always heard the voice, the love, but I couldn’t always align with it because of the torment going on in my head.

When I allowed myself to align with the Universe more and more, I was able to open myself to greater healing and to unconditional love and peace.

I hope that through my writing you can find this, too. I want to help you be your authentic You, explore news ways, discover new truths, but essentially to allow yourself to align with the power of Love that you are already. Allow yourself to listen to the Universe and to connect with your Higher Being.

It is an exciting time, it is Your Time to Be Free to Be You…!!! And that You is the essence of Love…!!

Do you fear times of stillness?

Big changes also happen in times of stillness, even though you may think that working hard at something is the only way to see results. Working at your life, facing old habits, problems, hurts and old set beliefs, may seem like an almighty task, huge and laborious....

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Are you a good listener?

Do you listen with all your being? For many years I felt considerable frustration when important people in my life chose to ignore my words, while pretending to be good listeners. They were more interested in speaking about themselves, than listening. And it was...

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How do you forgive yourself?

4 steps on how to forgive yourself. As far back as I can remember, forgiving others has come easily. Even when I wished I could stay angry at them, I always forgave, the minute they spoke to me again, whether they said sorry or not. But when the time came to forgive...

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Do you know your truths?

How do you unlock the mystery behind your own truths? ‘It is always my fault. I always get the blame for everything.’ Once upon a time, this was my ‘truth’. A truth that kept me a prisoner in many areas of my life. I believed, unknowingly, that everything was always...

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Do you want to feel free?

Your fate is not sealed. You can choose a different way and set yourself free. The maxim goes like this: ‘The apple never falls far from the tree.’ Whenever we display similar characteristics to those of our parents (or other members of our close family), someone...

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Do you want to be assertive?

Have you learnt to say 'no'? Being assertive by saying ‘no’ to friends and family was always such a challenge for me. Even when it was so inconvenient, my normal reaction to a request was to say ‘yes’ because I had been told that I had to put others before me, or I...

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