Have you ever felt jealous of someone? How have you dealt with it?

What if I told you that you could use that feeling to empower yourself, to use it for your own good and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even bring prosperity in your life.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all felt jealous at some point in our life. If you have looked at another person, at what they have or at what they are doing, with a feeling of resentment, a need to judge or belittle, even hatred, you have done so with the feeling of jealousy.

And that’s common, because it is part of the unconscious living: we react to situations with those emotions deemed negative. But you can use this jealousy to grow and feel better about yourself.


Because when we feel jealous we are shining the light onto an area that needs to be acknowledged, an area that needs to be brought into consciousness. Feeling jealous is activating something within you, it’s bringing awareness to a specific that you want, realising that you don’t have it (at least not yet).

You cannot stay in the frequency of jealousy and find peace.

Jealousy is an indication that you are in a different place from what you want for yourself. The dialogue that may go on in your unconscious could be: ‘There in front of me is what I want for myself. But here where I am, is realising I don’t have it.’ That gap is the feeling of jealousy. The trouble is that staying in that place will not help you. It will only cause hurt, resentment, even anger.

Sadly, many people believe it is up to the other person to change the situation, often by playing small, in order to feel some relief from jealousy. It is here where the criticism happens, the gossiping, the mocking.

You cannot stay in the frequency of jealousy and find peace. You can only find peace when you align with your present, with Love.

In that place of Love, ask if this is what you would like for yourself. Does this person have some attributes you admire? Is this person doing a job you would like for yourself? Whatever you are faced with, speak to it and bring it to your consciousness.

This suffering, jealousy, awakens something in us.

Sometimes, we feel jealous about something until we try it, only to realise it was a fantasy, a dream and the reality is not so much fun. Giving yourself permission to experience this desire, is enough to dissipate the feeling of jealousy. You realise you don’t want this after all, and you can admire the other for what they are achieving or producing.

Other times, by bringing awareness to jealousy, our own limiting beliefs come rushing to the surface: ‘I’m not good enough, I’m not as good as them, I don’t deserve this, I could never be like that.’ And the pain turns into suffering.

This suffering, jealousy, awakens something in us. But we don’t want to see it, let alone acknowledge it. So we find ways to deal with it through criticism, so as to justify our resentment.

We might use gossip to feel better about ourselves, we may judge even belittle the other person’s effort.

Some might say, ‘Everybody could have that if they had money! He’s just lucky, he was born with good genes! I could do that too if I didn’t have the responsibilities I have.’

While the whole time it really has nothing to do with the other person but all to do with us!

You can’t ask someone to play small so that you feel better!

And the truth is, you could have what they have too, or a version of it, if that was your wish. Focus on yourself  and use ‘jealousy’ to grow, to learn, to bring wonderful results into your life.

What remains is living through consciousness

Get inspiration for yourself, instead of feeling the void in your life, a void you believe you can’t fill or about which you feel sad.

By looking at jealousy right into its eyes, you disarm it and you are kinder to yourself. You can soothe your own feelings and start living the life you want. It is only through consciousness that you can elevate yourself to who you really are, a magnificent being of the Universe.

You also release the other person, or the situation, and let it be. No resentment, no reactions, no expectations to be a certain way to please you, to calm you. A total feeling of love for what is, in anything and anyone.

What remains is living through consciousness, acknowledging this feeling of jealousy and dealing with it without allowing the ego to hijack who you truly are.

Empower yourself instead of living with resentment or sadness. Remember that jealousy is a feeling, it does not define YOU. A feeling of jealousy doesn’t make you a lesser person. You can have anything you want, if you want it…

When you live from a place of self-love, you are kind to yourself and others. You start believing in your potential, your Being.

Eva xox