Reconnect with Divine Love,

the love within You.

Because having healthy self-esteem

helps you grow

healthy confidence,

in all areas of your life.

Thank you for being here. 

Let’s start this journey together.

I'm Eva


A life transformational coach, helping You

reconnect with your inner Love,

and get to know yourself better.

Because you are the essence of Love

and you were always meant to love yourself,

as the Universe loves You, and align with Divine Love.


I help You build healthy confidence,

in who you are, through loving self-esteem,

so that you make intentional choices

and live the wonderful life you know you can have.



‘You were born from love, to love and be loved.’




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Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you achieve what you want in all areas of your life, faster than you would on your own, and in a clearer way.

Don’t just dream it, make it happen!




From seminars, meetups and public speaking, to workshops and 3-days retreats, you will be able to get personal insights directly from me.





Training / Programmes

Check my online courses, training and programmes for businesses, organisations, educational establishments and life in general.



When you look for happiness, peace, success, love, acceptance, outside of yourself, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, sadness, frustration and heartbreak.

The answer always lies within you because you already have all that you need to feel loved, happy and at peace. 

My project and upcoming book ‘Love Starts With You’® brings awareness and understanding about self-love, about creating the best relationship with yourself. It’s not all about mental health and emotional well-being, it’s about aligning with the Universe and the essence of Love that you already are in this physical body.

You were born from love, of love, to love and be loved!

Once you understand that you are a magnificent extension of the Universe, and that you are the essence of love, you will be able to make better choices for yourself from a place of love.

It is from that place that you can create your best life, your dreams, your successful relationships. When you rely on others to do all that for you, you are giving your spiritual power away! And that power that is in you from the Universe, is stronger than any power coming from ego.

Create from Love, not ego!

It is my mission to help people around the world, at schools, work, at my own seminars, so that they feel empowered to live the life they want.

It is about understanding that You are already all that you want to be. And that You are the essence of Love

Let me show you how to get to that place of self-love and love for the world.

For more information on how I can help you at your school, college, university, at work or to attend my seminars, contact me at

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