‘Nobody has any power over you except the one you give them.’

Eva Ruiz


‘Free to Be You’ is the place where you are shown how to create the best relationship with Yourself and others. It is where you hear how to love yourself, how to deal with issues you don’t want to talk about with others. Here you start becoming aware and conscious of the real You. Using NLP and life coaching, Eva guides you towards awareness, to be assertive, to start living life to the full, to feel inspired and simply feel the Joy and Love of being Free to Be You…!!

You are not broken, you don’t need to be mended. You are the essence of Love, and a magnificent extension of the Universe, and that is your power. But you have simply been living with a set of beliefs and reactions that have been keeping you in a place where you don’t feel Free to Be You. But You Can Change That..!!

Eva, who has walked her own way from self-harming to self-loving, who was riddled with guilt, limiting beliefs and lacking self-love, but a strong desire to get out of depression and into self-empowerment, helps you along the way to reconnect with Love, Acceptance, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, so you are truly Free to Be You…!

Using practical tools, techniques, inspiration and motivation, she helps you create the relationships and life you truly want for yourself.