‘The first step towards change is a willingness to learn.’

Eva Ruiz

In-house training is an effective way to connect work with individuals.

My talks and programmes have been created after a deep study of work environment, attitudes, beliefs, expectations, aspirations, but above all focusing on the fact that each person is valued as an essential part of the life at work, school, college or university.

These talks and programmes are here to support you create the best environment and well-being area for all.

The team-building programmes are valuable to reinforce positive relationships.


Businesses – Organisations





How people relate at work can contribute to the success of the business or organisation.

It is a mistake to believe that people leave their personal life at home, or their issues and problems. Being able to focus consciously at work is something that is learnt and practised by professionals like pilots and surgeons, who have the lives of thousands in their own hands.

But this is not common practice by everybody. We bring our own issues to work, our worries, our perspectives, our limiting beliefs. Transforming the way people relate to each other at work, and with clients, is the key to not only a successful business, but to the well-being of everyone in the work space.

Relationships are everything in life.

My talks and workshops cover important effective:

  • Transforming Conflicts 
  • Perspective Challenge
  • How to inspire instead of teaching – managing
  • What makes people think and behave the way they do
  • How to build rapport

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Communication can make or break any relationship, whether in the personal or professional life. How we speak has a major impact on how we inspire or influence those around us.

Unfortunately, our language is not always an area on which we focus consciously.

My workshops embrace:

  • awareness around how we communicate
  • the impact our language has on our own life and that of others
  • how to use language to instil positivity and inspire
  • how to receive language differently so we can reframe and feel more empowered

The workshops help rethink communications so as to use them for your own advantage, the company and the individuals. The workshops also demonstrate how we can persuade or dissuade, using the right language.

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How difficult can it be at times to motivate your team? Finding new ways to bring people onboard with the company’s vision can be demotivating in itself.

You see, the answer lies in inspiring people. Everybody is trying to motivate before they inspire…!

When we realise that our professional goals can be aligned with our personal life then we start moving forward.

In my training programme I identify important areas for everyone to work with:

  • beliefs and values
  • connected at work
  • well-being
  • leadership

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Get people connecting in a positive environment with valuable workshops that will enhance the individual well-being and inspire them to grow as a person, not just within the company.

Connections are invaluable in all areas of life, and so it’s vital for everyone at work to feel happy and productive while experiencing being part of a work community.

This can be achieved through coming together as a team, working on exercises that will enhance their life.

When we are happy and fulfilled within, we produce higher things on the outside.

Workshops provided around the following topics:

  • Standpoint Value – how to look at a problem through various eyes.
  • Perspective challenge – It is all about our perspective. This workshop is an effective way to open the mind into different perspectives. It challenges your beliefs and view of the world, revealing some fascinating NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) presuppositions. It will help bring creativity to anyone.

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Schools – Colleges – Universities


Knowing how to create positive relationships with ourself and others is building the best foundation on which other things can happen.

How often do we experience fear, anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and all other disabilities that makes living in a community, a struggle?

Our schools, colleges and even universities are full of these problems that come under well-being and mental health, but it’s so hard for teachers to have to deal with the intricate aspects of counselling and life coaching.

How do we help those young people focus on their studies, on all their major decision-making for their future, when there is so much anguish around their basic needs and well-being?

But something CAN BE DONE about transforming their relationships with themselves and others, so that they are able to live a happier life.

Utopia??? NO, it’s NOT…! I have been helping youngsters all over the world deal with their anxiety and fear around relationships. Because it’s not just their own life they can transform, but their connections with family, friends, teachers and the community.

Isn’t time for all of us, in the education system, to witness the well-being derived from creating positive relationships with ourself and others around?

My 8 week-programme ‘Transform Any Relationship’ is there to help understand vital principles around relationships with others, but firstly with oneself.

It consists of one talk from me and a series of 8 videos with worksheet, and a framework for classroom debates around the following:

  • loneliness
  • comparing
  • language
  • fear and anxiety and other topics…

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As researcher and expert in specific topics, I deliver talks, workshops, seminars on the following:


  • Confidence – the difference between confidence and self-esteem, and how to build one’s confidence.
  • Standpoint Value talk and workshop is a deep view of how we relate to others and how to transform any conflict, relationship and how to negotiate certain situations or problems.
  • The Power Of Language workshop demonstrates how we can persuade or dissuade, using the right language. It is a valuable workshop to those studying communication, psychology, sociology or simply want to be empowered with linguistic skills. But it is also a powerful view onto how we all use language when we speak to ourself. The most influential conversations we ever have are those we have with ourself.