The Universe uses all the details in your life experience for your highest good.

If you have ever felt that some life experiences have dragged you down into a hole of despair and that nothing good will ever come out of them. Or if you ever feel that years are being wasted by mistakes and blunders, and that time is running out, there is more hope than you can imagine.

The older we get, the more we tend to feel a sense of desperation and anguish for not living a more fulfilled life, believing that those precious years gone by could have been lived with more passion or more purpose. Sometimes a feeling of hopelessness might wash over us, with the thought that it is too late for any good to happen anymore.

All the ingredients that make up your life are precious.

Yet, I truly believe that the Universe never wastes a life experience. The Universe uses all the details in your life for your highest good. Regardless of how you perceive those happenings, good or bad, all the ingredients that make your life are precious; they serve you to create a better present.

At the darkest times of my life, I could not understand the reason for my suffering. Like so many, I asked myself why I was the one to endure such struggles and maltreatment. My mentor told me that the Universe would use all the traumas I had faced, and was facing, to help others, and to make me a stronger person. If I allowed myself to turn them into a positive, the Universe would show me the way.

I could not believe for one second that I could ever gain from those struggles. But I did. I let go of anger and sadness and applied all that I had learnt for my greater good, to create a better present for myself.

The bravest people are those who have endured so much and still go on.

The contrast is inevitable. Living through bad times allows us to appreciate the good ones, but also to learn our strength, our determination, our abilities to deal with situations that make us the person we are.

I admire how the bravest people are those who have endured so much, and still go on. But often we cannot believe we are one of them.

Whenever I watch the Paralympics or people in my life who have a physical handicap, I see so much strength and zest for life. I do not know where they are on the emotional scale, but I know that they speak of faith, belief, perseverance and dedication.

They do not blame others or the world for their situation. They do not allow the negative experiences to rob their joy and inner peace or beauty. They wake up with a desire to feel ALIVE and use their experiences to go forward. They do not allow blame, resentment and despair to guide them and rule their lives. They believe that every circumstance can be used positively.

The Universe sends opportunities just for YOU.

People who understand the importance of all experiences, good and bad, are those who use them to their advantage and live a happier life.

Today, ask yourself what is stopping you from living fully. No matter how difficult life has been, and still may be, you have the ability and emotional intelligence to learn from those experiences. Use them to pass on the knowledge and continue flowing through life with enthusiasm, inspiring others around you.

Do not give up, allow the Universe to show you how nothing is thrown away or misused. Watch how the Universe sends you opportunities made just for YOU.

When you feel that it is too late for you, think of successful people around you. I am not talking about celebrities. I am talking about people who are happy, excited about life, regardless of past experiences. They believe that everything counts and that all can be turned for the good of something or someone.

Your faith and beliefs in your own worth are the doorway to those blessings.

If you feel that time is running out and that it is too late for you, remember that success and happiness are not a matter of age, gender, ethnicity, financial prosperity or anything that we regard as limited.

The Universe loves you and is always ready to send you what you ask for. Ensure that your faith and beliefs in your own worth are the doorway to those blessings.

I was able to inspire others because the Universe and the Law of Attraction connected us. They needed the knowledge, support, encouragement, and I gave them what I had.

What I learnt allowed me to be a better teacher, to understand others, advise them or just talk to them about their value, their choices, their worth.

Instead of bitterness towards life, I felt compassion towards others. I no longer go through life so worried about my future or about what others say or do; I look and feel empathy. I no longer judge others for what they do or say to me. I have learnt not to take it personally. And if I do, I pause and make a choice: I allow this to destroy me, or I recognise it is not my issue, and it becomes another opportunity to learn.

I am now able to understand what forgiveness really is, and I let go with love, knowing that I am a beautiful creation of the Universe, no matter what others do or say.

All that you live is precious. YOU are precious.

Live your full potential and accept your own power, no matter where you are in your life. All your experiences can help you today to understand that life is not there to get you, but to present wonderful opportunities. The Universe loves YOU and always looks out for you. Not one day of your life is wasted, not one experience. Take all that you have and make today a happy day, as this will bring you a wonderful future. It is YOUR choice to allow events to paralyse you or you can use those ordeals to make you a more determined person. Listen to the Universe with all your being, ears, eyes and heart, and use all those events to create a better life for yourself and help others.

All that you live is precious. You are precious.

Eva xox