Are you creating on purpose?

Or are you living your life by default? Do you look back at your life with frustration at not having lived enough fulfilling moments? Do you worry about not making enough of your time?

We think of life as a sequence, a time line. We are born, we live and we die. That is life, you may say.

But life is not just what happens to you; your life is what you create for yourself. Even those moments of contrast you attract, are due to your own vibration, your perspective of life.

You are the creator of your own life, a life you create Today!

A happy memory is created in the NOW, for the NOW.

‘So, what is the secret to creating happy memories when life gets you down?’ I hear you ask.

Each day is a new beginning, regardless of what you have lived before. You have the power to choose a new perspective each morning, and you decide how to feel about today.

Even amid contrast – or difficult experiences – appreciate its significance, trust and take inspired actions.

Creating happy memories is not for the future so you can reminisce at the end of your life, or on special occasions. A happy memory is created in the NOW, for the NOW, for the pleasure you are experiencing NOW.

True, a memory is an experience you may recall later on, a situation from your past that makes you happy today as you remember it. But understanding that the power of that moment is created in the NOW, to be savoured and enjoyed NOW, is THE SECRET TO HAPPY MEMORIES.

We are beings living for Today, and as we create today’s experiences, we choose to feel good about them Today. Feeling uplifted, fulfilled, excited and joyous about the present moment is what impacts how we view our life.

Contrast (or the things we call bad or we don’t like) is part of life. Everyone has a ‘bad’ day, or experiences difficult times and challenging situations. But let’s face it, the best stories are those that take you on a roller coaster of emotions: love, sadness, trepidations, suspense, joy and victory over contrast.

Make a conscious choice each day to feel on purpose.

I used to feel despair at the contrast, feeling totally out of control. I would cry with anger, sadness or fear. Now, I have realised that those moments are here to show me how I am creating in my life. Am I allowing negative thoughts to guide me and attract more negative situations? Or am I using contrast as a gauge to show me what I need to work on and change the direction of my thoughts?

Am I trusting the situation as being part of the bigger vision for my life?

Self-love is also about feeling deserving of the best, so now that I have learnt to love myself and accept myself, I also feel worthy of happy moments.

I try to make a conscious choice each day to no longer live by default. I do not leave my life to ‘luck’, to outside circumstances, nor do I plan each minute of my day. I love my spontaneity, the fact that I am able to follow my desires as they emerge.

But I do enjoy the present moment. I do not think of my life as a past, a present and a future. I no longer look at my life as a timeline with things I have done that I can’t control, and feel despair or disappointment. I do not look into the future as a time that will come to me eventually, over which I might feel anxiety or excitement, depending on my state of mind. I now FEEL and SEE and TASTE and HEAR on purpose, TODAY!

Feel the moment today, because your memories are created TODAY!

Each day, I create something of which I am proud. It might be part of a bigger dream, but what I am living today also constitutes my dream. My bigger vision is what excites me, calls me, uplifts me. And today, I am creating on purpose, feeling elated and proud, and happy to be living for TODAY, appreciating this moment, on purpose. I make a conscious decision to smile, laugh, feel good, love, admire nature and be kind.

The secret to creating happy memories? Feel the moment today, because your memories are created TODAY! Live on purpose today; a purpose that is joy and love. And accept that contrast is also part of your life; do not avoid it but embrace it.

At the end of this day, ask yourself ‘Have I created happy emotions on purpose today? Have I appreciated and savoured the happy moments today? or Have I taken them for granted or lived them in a hurry?

Whenever you are creating happy times, stop and take a step back, as if having an out-of-body experience, and smile. Tell yourself, ‘Wow! I am truly enjoying this moment for what it is, in the NOW!’ And feel the satisfaction, the pleasure of that moment.

Live for TODAY, on purpose and never fear the contrast but use it well, to understand what you really want to create. It’s Your Life! Be proud of it, every day!

Eva xox